PolarFit® Care

PolarFit® Care - Unique, safe and the only customised Whole Body Cryotherapy solution


PolarFit® Care is a SAFE Whole Body Cryotherapy solution.

  • All sessions are supervised by your PolarFit® Care certified practitioner, who has been trained by ProCcare, who are specialists in the field and conduct ongoing research into Whole Body Cryotherapy.
  • PolarFit® Care is supported by Air Products, a global gas company with more than 75 years of direct consumer experience and an unrivalled safety record.
  • It uses an indirect cooling system, where the liquid nitrogen in the cryotherapy unit refrigerates the air inside. This avoids any potential risk of asphyxia due to low oxygen concentration, leaving just breathable air.

    PolarFit Care intake interview

PolarFit® Care - software - 360° process
PolarFit® Care applications
PolarFit® Care applications
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