PolarFit® Care

PolarFit® Care - Unique, safe and the only customised Whole Body Cryotherapy solution

How does the intake session work?


  • During the first PolarFit® Care appointment, a certified PolarFit® Care practitioner will conduct a full induction consultation, followed by an initial monitored treatment.
  • The PolarFit® Care software will monitor your reactions during this session.
  • The data will be used by the practitioner, who will then discuss your goals and develop your unique WBC programme.
  • Because one size does not fit all - we come in all shapes and sizes – your physical characteristics are also taken into consideration. This will ensure that your PolarFit® Care treatment programme will be the best it can be.
  • The ongoing monitoring and evaluation by the in-built software will help the certified practitioner develop the optimal programme for you over the length of your treatment, making PolarFit® Care both more efficient and more effective compared to other WBC treatments.
  • The ability to customise PolarFit® Care therapy to each individual makes PolarFit® Care unique in the marketplace.




A wide range of benefits …

Whole Body Cryotherapy delivers a wide range of benefits

Whole Body Cryotherapy delivers a wide range of benefits, from alleviating chronic pain and enhancing health and beauty, to encouraging better sleep and increasing athletic performance and recovery, and many more. It is used by sports professionals, strength and conditioning coaches, recovery specialists, physiotherapists, fitness clubs, beauty therapists and others for the range of physiological and psychological benefits it offers.

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