PolarFit® Care

PolarFit® Care - Unique, safe and the only customised Whole Body Cryotherapy solution


PolarFit® Care is the only CUSTOMISED Whole Body Cryotherapy solution.

  • Treatment is customised to your needs and Whole Body Cryotherapy objectives for sports, vitality, beauty Whole Body Cryotherapy rehab care.
  • Treatment is tailored to your individual physiological characteristics (age, weight, height, gender).
  • Physiological data (like blood pressure, heart rate, thermal comfort & sensation) is monitored and recorded so that treatment protocols can be optimised at later sessions.
  • Treatment protocols are carefully set up according to all relevant, available literature, defined ranges, and limits based on different application and personal characteristics.
  • Customisation is determined during the intake session, real time monitoring and personal characteristics.


A wide range of benefits …

Whole Body Cryotherapy delivers a wide range of benefits

Whole Body Cryotherapy delivers a wide range of benefits, from alleviating chronic pain and enhancing health and beauty, to encouraging better sleep and increasing athletic performance and recovery, and many more. It is used by sports professionals, strength and conditioning coaches, recovery specialists, physiotherapists, fitness clubs, beauty therapists and others for the range of physiological and psychological benefits it offers.

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